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A new target group
Our new target is Independent Business Women, we want to create an exclusive car designed for them, thinking in their needs but that also can be driven by man without being ashamed. We do not want to loose our image of luxury and sportive cars so the new model will have to be co created with another brand that is already targeting business women. The brand and car we have chosen is BMW the new Series 1, is a small hatchback with the perfect combination of elegance and sportiveness and has the perfect size for being driven in a crowdy city. It is known that BMW is already launching some electric cars, but their systems are far away from the Tesla’s ones. This collaboration will be beneficial to Tesla because will help us to increase our target customers, but also for BMW, because they will get the technology from Tesla and this might be the beginning of a successful relationship.

Positioning and identity
The car must be elegant, exclusive and sportiveness in order to not broke the philosophy of the company, but it can never forget the woman’s needs. That is why this new vehicle will include some of those new features. The electric engine will have like all Tesla’s more than 300bhp, but, as it is made specially for women the driver will be able to adapt the power of the engine to each situation. The car will also include new security gadgets and systems, for example the emergency brake system and so on. We also want to introduce the revolutionary Autonomous driving system in this new model, it will enable the driver to do other tasks while driving. The most visible change that the car will have in the exterior parts, will be the cabriolet roof. Will be the first Tesla having a cabriolet system but we really think this will be a feature that will attract to our targeted segment.

Conceptontwikkeling en brandbook

Jaar 2017
Opdrachtgever Avans, Tesla Motors