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Pitch #AFKLMcares 

The hard working business women and men of these days are flying day and night towards meetings for a better and sustainable world. The social and emotional investments in here are more important than ever. These employees, who are most of the time expats, belong to the loyal corporate partners of Air France – KLM. The most important target group.

How nice would it be to reward these hard working employees from these corporate partners, and at the same time strengthen the relationship of these partners and AFKLM? That is when our concept #AFKLMcares comes in.

#AFKLMcares is a concept that will surprise five of the hard working and valued employees of the corporate partners. In which way? Well, the lucky employee will be told, that there is an important business meeting for example in London. The employee is going to the airport and will be hold back at the security check. There he/she will be told to come with them for further examination.

At a security room, a team of AFKLM will be waiting with a video message from the employee’s family or friends and a flight ticket. Instead of going to the meeting in London, the employee will visit his loved ones abroad for a couple of days. The employee will be escorted to the gate by AFKLM and his family or friends will be welcoming him/her at the travel destination.

The whole process will be filmed and later shared on social media channels and professional networks like LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook. The short movie will contain a little video from the company, the surprise at the airport and the arrival at the final destination. Furthermore, the happy employee can share pictures online and tell the world about his special surprise by AFKLM. 

On the one hand, this video will show, how much AFKLM values and cares about their passengers. Passengers will feel unique and special. On the other hand, the corporate partner will benefit as the video illustrates them as a good employer.

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Jaar 2017
Opdrachtgever Avans, KLM AirFrance